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Infore Enviro Won Bids for Five Sanitation Service Projects in January 2021 Alone

Release date : 2021-02-02

As the new year begins, everything looks new and fresh. In January 2021, Infore Enviro celebrated many great news. It relocated its South China Business Operation Center to Gaoxinqi Industrial Park in Shenzhen, and won bids for projects in Xiangtan in Hunan, Sanya in Hainan, Wuhan in Hubei, Shenzhen in Guangdong, and Yiyang in Jiangxi. In particular, the Xiangtan project with a contract value of RMB 4,002 million captured the widespread attention of the industry, representing a good start for business growth in the new year. Infore Enviro has marched one step closer to achieving the goal of total sanitation contract value of RMB 100 billion in pursuit of the "5115" smart sanitation strategy!

1. Franchise Sanitation Integration Project in Xiangtan City (Phase I)
Service term: 30 years
Total contract value: RMB 4,002 million
Service items: Classified garbage dumping system, classified garbage collection system, classified garbage transportation system, sweeping and cleaning system, public toilet O&M system, and intelligent sanitation system.
Service scope: Yuhu District and Yuetang District, Xiangtan City.

Xiangtan is at the center of the comprehensive facilities reform pilot program of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster, which aims to build a resource-conserving, environmentally friendly society. Urban construction is expeditious, and urban residents are yearning for a much better living environment. The sanitation integration project in Xiangtan has a long service term, involves a big amount of investment, and covers a wide area and many kinds of items. It is a key action for Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to improve the cityscape. Infore Enviro will provide high-quality services to keep Xiangtan clean to promote the city's tourism related to the early history of the CPC.

2. Sanitation Integration Project in Gaofeng Area
Service term: 3 years
Total contract value: RMB 209 million
Service items: Road sweeping and cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, public toilet management and maintenance, refuse transfer station management and maintenance, green space maintenance, beach cleaning, river cleaning, etc.
Service scope: Gaofeng Area, Binglang Area and South Island Farm in Tianya District, Sanya City.

This project marks Infore Enviro's entry into Hainan's sanitation service market. Based on it, Infore Enviro will seek to expand its presence in the province.

3. Government Service Procurement Project of Rural Sanitation Integration in Yiyang County
Service term: 5 years
Total contract value: RMB 40 million
Service items: Household waste cleaning, collection and transportation, setting and management of container; weeding in public areas; cleaning and management of public toilets; sticker ads removal.
Service scope: Nanyan Town, Xuguang Township, Dieshan Town, Guifeng Town, Gangkou Town, and Zhukeng Town.

Located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, Yiyang is the "west gate" of Shangrao City and has been included in the plan for revitalization and development of the former Soviet areas of the CPC Central Committee in Jiangxi, Fujian, and Guangdong. With its rich operational experience, Infore Enviro will provide Yiyang with tailored sanitation services according to local conditions to facilitate the county's rural sanitation integration for a beautiful, civilized and orderly living environment.

4. Old Communities' Garbage Cleaning and Transportation Service Project for Futian Subdistrict Office
Service term: 3 years
Total contract value: RMB 6 million
Service item: Cleaning and transportation of household waste
Service scope: 43 old communities in Futian Subdistrict

Infore Enviro continues to render high-standard and high-quality sanitation services in Shenzhen with a big goal of expanding its influence in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Its smart sanitation services promote Shenzhen's smart city initiative. Its professionalism and corporate culture have been widely recognized in more first-tier cities.

5. Garbage Classification Demonstration Project for Administration Committee of Wuhan Yangluo Economic Development Zone
Service term: 1 year
Total contract value: RMB 3.11 million
Service items: Construction and operation of household waste classification and dumping system; establishment of garbage classification publicity system; construction of bonus points exchange and publicity center; construction and O&M of smart classification cloud platform.
Service scope: Resettlement communities, Xinye Community, and villages under the jurisdiction of Yangluo Economic Development Zone.

Infore Enviro, one of the first companies recognized as an excellent provider (10-star) of waste classification service in China, actively responds to the national policies on garbage classification. Leveraging its equipment strengths and operational experience, it will make the waste classification project in Yangluo Economic Development Zone a benchmark project.

By the end of last year, Infore Enviro had existing contracts with a total value of over RMB 40 billion, leading the sanitation service industry. In the first month of this year, Infore Enviro won more bids, which shows its great strengths as a leader in the sanitation industry.

Going forward, Infore Enviro will continue to follow its "5115" smart sanitation strategy, providing intelligent equipment, smart services, intelligent cloud platform and other sophisticated technologies and services, as to achieve the corporate mission of "Cleaner World, Better Future". With strong business expansion momentum, it will offer customers the most professional sanitation operation services according to the local conditions and customer needs. It will deepen the smart sanitation layout, enhance core competitive edges, and constantly unlock the vast market potential, with a view to fostering the high-quality sanitation development in China.

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