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Infore Enviro Donated 15 Cleaning and Disinfecting Vehicles and 15 Tons of Disinfectant to Wuhan Urban Management Committee

Release date : 2020-01-27

        The novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan is deeply concerned by everyone in China, including members of Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Infore Enviro). A nationwide battle against this new coronavirus has begun!
        On January 27, namely January 3rd of the Lunar Year, the 15 cleaning and disinfecting vehicles and 15 tons of disinfectant we donated set off to Wuhan.

        Infore Enviro's cleaning and disinfecting vehicles are customized for major epidemic emergencies. These intelligent mobile equipment are highly automatic, while boasting multiple disinfection function and high corrosion resistance. Therefore, these vehicles can play a vital role in the cleaning and disinfecting process, both during and after the epidemic control.
          Various disinfection modes: the vehicles are equipped with multiple disinfecting modes, such as flushing, spraying and atomizing. They can not only spray disinfectant on fixed points like garbage stations, but atomize disinfectant in public spaces like squares and streets to prevent thespread of virus and bacteria.
Intelligent automatic control system: the driver can easily operate in the vehicle by pressing buttons, which ensures operation safety.
Imported anti-corrosive materials: the disinfectant tank is fully covered with specialized anti-corrosive coating to prevent corrosion and leakage, so as to ensure vehicle safety.
Facing the outbreak, more than 30 provinces nationwide have launched the strictest prevention and control measures against this major public health emergency, including Jiangsu, Hainan, Xinjiang, Henan, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Jilin, Ningxia, etc.
The more difficulties we encounter, the more united we will become. Infore Enviro has given top priority to the epidemic in Wuhan. We immediately set up an emergency group to re-equip and donate cleaning and disinfecting vehicles to support Wuhan. When our country and compatriots are suffering, this is our undoubtable responsibility. Infore Enviro has always adhered to our corporate philosophy of Cleaner world, Better future. We will continue to shoulder our social responsibilities and take practical actions to help Wuhan fight against the epidemic. Hopefully, we can help to make this "winter" in Wuhan more heart-warming.
After the first batches of 15 cleaning and disinfecting trucks were timely dispatched, we continued to prepare more for production. Infore Enviro will keep up with the progress of the epidemic, and be prepared to provide additional support as needed.
We love every inch of our country, we love each and every one of our compatriots. United, we stand. During this battle for epidemic prevention and control, Let's believe in ourselves and our country;
Let's work together and win this battle!
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