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In Eight Cities! Infore Enviro Won Several Bids for Equipment Worth Tens of Millions

Release date : 2020-07-17

    In July, Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co.,Ltd. (Abb: Infore Enviro) successively won several bids for sanitation equipment worth tens of millions in Beijing, Hebei, Liaoning, Jilin, Xinjiang, Guangdong, and Shenzhen, which marked a satisfactory conclusion for the first half of 2020, as well as a grand beginning for the second half.
The bid for alternative energy-powered equipment for waste collection and transportation by Beijing Chaoyang Environmental Sanitation Service Center, worth RMB 60.375 million.
The bid for purchasing cleaning equipment by Beijing Municipal Road & Bridge Group (BMRB), worth RMB 15.488 million.
The bid for purchasing sanitation equipment by Urban Administration and Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau, Fuxing District, Handan, worth RMB 17.252 million.
The bid for purchasing sanitation operation vehicles by Urban Environmental Sanitation Administration, Linghe District, Jinzhou, worth RMB 30.75 million.
The bid for purchasing waste collecting and transporting equipment by Rural Residential Environment Comprehensive Management Office of Liuhe County, worth RMB 14.5 million.
The bid for purchasing waste stations by Urban Management Bureau, Midong District, Urumchi, worth RMB 13.305 million
The bid for purchasing equipment for domestic waste collection, compression, and transportation by Luhe Sanfeng Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., worth RMB 14.5 million.
The bid for purchasing pure electric cleaning vehicles by Shenzhen Shenxiong Environment Co., Ltd., worth RMB 11.545 million.

       At the beginning of the second half of 2020, Infore Enviro has already won several bids worth tens of millions, which not only encouraged our employees to expand business, but also laid a solid foundation for the whole Group to outperform the business targets of this year.

        For the next step, Infore Enviro will keep centering our positioning of "leading by sanitation robots technology, Infore Enviro becoming a respected and trusted industry leader in intelligent environmental equipment and services", and create a better environment by means of precise positioning, deep research, and technological innovation, with "Smart Sanitation" as the core, intelligent equipment, smart service, and smart cloud platform as advantages. As the largest sanitation equipment manufacturer at home and even abroad, Infore Enviro will definitely spare no effort to prepare well for production, in order to timely deliver our products for contract performance, and to contribute our effort to build a more beautiful China and a more comfortable environment for living across China.
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