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“Building a Beautiful China with All-round Service ”—2019 Product Launch of Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. was Successfully Held

Release date : 2019-03-27

On March 26, 2019 Product Launch of Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zoomlion-Enviro"), a company under Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Infore Enviro), was held in Changsha. Zoomlion-Enviro, with the declaration of "Building a Beautiful China with All-round Service", is ready to cope with the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry through its launch of the all-round service and a full range of products with its core advantages. A total of more than 200 persons, including leaders, industry experts, customer partners and media members attended the event. Ma Gang, Chairman and CEO of Infore Enviro, together with the senior management team, witnessed this event by Zoomlion-Enviro, a leading enterprise in China’s environmental governance industry, in contributing to a beautiful China.
△  Zoomlion-Enviro Released the manifesto “Building a Beautiful China with All-round Service”
At the launch event, a full range of environmental sanitation and environmental products, the latest top technology in the industry, intelligent innovations and complete environmental solutions were all unveiled, fully demonstrating the strong strength of Zoomlion-Enviro in Building a Beautiful China with All-round Service.
△ Guests gathered at the event
Zhang Jianguo, Senior Vice President of Infore Enviro and Chairman and CEO of Zoomlion-Enviro, said in his speech that Zoomlion-Enviro aimed to become an industry leader in intelligent environmental equipment and service with a focus on environmental sanitation robots. In order to achieve this end, Zoomlion-Enviro would, based on the application scenarios of elegant city and beautiful country, focus on “three campaigns”: to safeguard the blue sky, improve rural living environment, and promote the classification of domestic waste. Zoomlion-Enviro would give full play to its research and development advantages, manufacturing advantages, industrial layout and operation experience, attach importance to technological innovation and independent innovation, strengthen the combination of production, learning, research, and administration, and carry out systematic protection and management of urban and rural ecological environment in an all-round, all-region and all-process way to serve the construction of a beautiful China.
△  Zhang Jianguo, Senior Vice President of Infore Enviro and Chairman and CEO of Zoomlion-Enviro, made a speech
This launch event had two highlights: First, it launched a series of effective services, products and solutions, aiming to solve the key problems in “building a beautiful China”. Second, it showed Zoomlion-Enviro's advanced environmental technologies and visions in various scenarios and in multiple dimensions.

Solving difficulties in the industry
At the launch event, Zoomlion-Enviro, from the prospective of national policy orientation and the difficulties in industry development, discussed the state-of-the-art technologies in the industry as well as the development status and future prospects of building a beautiful China, and shared its ideas and practices in view of different links of the industrial chain.
△  Leaders of Infore Enviro, Zoomlion-Enviro and customers jointly launched the event
At the scene, Zoomlion-Enviro came up with solutions for problems in safeguarding the blue sky, such as dust, disorder in the classification of domestic waste and the treatment of rural waste, and vast investment, long cycle, and unstable operation of rural sewage treatment, by issuing products such as "beautiful village" dedicated service, stratified centralized processing mode.

Elegant City: revitalize the city
In the “Elegant City” section, Dr. Zhang Bin, Innovation Director of Zoomlion-Enviro, shared Zoomlion-Enviro's practices in revitalizing the urban environment and improving the living environment, which are integrated into one effort: to improve air quality, classify domestic waste, and carry out intelligent management and operation.
△ Dr. Zhang Bin, Innovation Director of Zoomlion-Enviro
Newly launched products to improve air quality
Zoomlion-Enviro exhibited many pioneer products at the launch event, including multi-pneumatic super-sweeping machine, intelligent dust suppression vehicle for aerial and composite operation, acoustic screen cleaning vehicle, pure suction-type sweeping machine, full waterpower sweeping machine, etc., all of which were highly praised by the participants.
△  Exhibition of new environmental products manufactured by Zoomlion-Enviro
The multi-pneumatic super-sweeping machine is the first in the world to adopt multi-pneumatic layered suction and collection high-efficiency coupling system, which uses two independent pneumatic systems to separately collect garbage on road surface. It has three advantage: ultra-fast, ultra-strong and ultra-energy-saving. With a sweeping speed of 40km/h+, and a cleaning speed of 70km/h+it has high operation efficiency and can hardly cause traffic jams. Its suction and collection rate reaches 2400g/ m+, doubling the original capacity and making it highly efficient and adaptable to various road conditions; It can save 30%+ of energy, so it is environmentally friendly.
△ Multi-pneumatic super-sweeping machine manufactured by Zoomlion-Enviro
The intelligent dust suppression vehicle for aerial and composite operation is a high-end environmental protection and environmental sanitation equipment which integrates low-noise airfoil-shape impeller draught fan design technology, high-efficiency multiphase fluid injection system design technology, intelligent high-altitude crank arm design technology, machine vision and other technologies. It is the first in the industry to realize the function of intelligent aided driving and operation. It can be widely used for high-altitude dust suppression in blasting and demolishing earthwork, liquid spraying in stockyards and quarantine stockyards, washing and cleaning of high-rise advertising boards. Its operating range, with a maximum value of 150 meters, is 1.3 times that of the same type of traditional dust suppression vehicle. It also has a variety of operation modes such as dust suppression through intelligent positioning and localization, obstacle-crossing and fixed-point dust suppression by mechanical arm, high-altitude and long-range dust suppression, low-altitude and wide-area dust suppression, etc.
△ Intelligent dust suppression vehicle for aerial and composite operation, manufactured by Zoomlion-Enviro
The acoustic screen cleaning vehicle launched on the same day, which can be used on guardrails, acoustic screens, tunnels, etc,  also attracted participants' attention. Its multi-section compound telescopic and folding arm can realize wide-angle and self-adaptive cleaning operation with CVT. Its independent high-pressure cleaning and washing system can realize high-pressure washing, brush rolling, and detergent strengthening.
At the launch event, the full range of new energy sanitation vehicles also became a focus of attention. It is understood that with a view to the safety, reliability and high efficiency of new energy resources, Zoomlion-Enviro has developed a full range of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly new energy sanitation trucks by overcoming the difficulties and exploiting its experience in the R&D of sanitation vehicles in the past 20 years. 
△ New Energy Sanitation Vehicle manufactured by Zoomlion-Enviro
The full range of new energy products adopt the chassis of new energy delivery vehicles produced by large domestic automobile enterprises (such as DFL, SAIC, Jiefang, etc.). Through alliance with domestic giants, the comprehensive operation and maintenance cost of this range of products is only 1/3 of that of the same type of fuel vehicles. Other advantages include: pure electric drive, zero emission, safe and reliable omni-directional high-voltage power distribution management system, intelligent dispatching of Zoomlion-Enviro big data cloud control platform, and universal mass-produced pure electric-drive chassis, making it easy to carry out the maintenance work with a more stable quality .
The whole-process ecological service promotes the classification of domestic waste
The implementation of domestic waste classification is vital to speeding up the construction of resource-economical and environment-friendly society, improving the quality of new urbanization and the level of ecological civilization construction, as well as improving the urban and rural environment and promoting the recycling of resources. However, there are still many problems in the currently popular classification campaign: although classification at the source has started, the phenomenon of random collection and dumpling of wastes is still widespread; transportation classification is difficult to implement due to insufficient subdivision equipment; classified disposal has barely started and garbage classification has not yet been realized.
△  Dr. Zhang Bin shared solutions to garbage classification
As a trailblazer and based on its rich experience in the development of garbage collection and transport products and innovation capability, Zoomlion-Enviro,, embraces the ideal of “front-end diversion, source reduction, classified transportation, classified disposal and system management.”. It developed multi-scenario classified transportation and classified disposal solutions by utilizing its huge resources , to provide multiple schemes and high-end equipment, thus realizing the whole-process service from classified dumping to classified disposal. Among them, MBT+RDF+co-processing technology in classified disposal is industry-leading: After pretreatment by front-end MBT (mechanical biological treatment, i.e. degradation of organic matter in garbage by biological drying method), the weight of domestic garbage can be reduced by 25%-30%; The combustion value of RDF (refuse derived fuel) can reach 12000KJ/Kg-18000KJ/Kg, which is comparable to that of ordinary coal. At the same time, the water content of RDF is reduced to about 20%, which helps to greatly reduce the maintenance cost, exhaust gas treatment cost and fly ash production of the back-end incineration system.
All-round environmental governance for smart city - new era of intelligent environmental industry
In recent years, thanks to new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the construction of smart cities is continuously advancing. However, in the process of all-round environmental governance, a lot of problems emerged. Among them, the problems such as lack of support from intelligent equipment, difficulty in meeting diversified demands of operation scenarios, and unintelligent operation and management platforms are particularly prominent.
In order to fill in the gaps, Zoomlion-Enviro launched the Smart Environmental Sanitation Robot Cluster and Smart Environment Cloud Brain Platform, which can realize full-scenario cleaning operation and promote the construction of future smart cities in China.
At present, the world's first smart environmental sanitation robot cluster has been put into service. After obtaining the first unmanned test license issued by the government, it has officially taken up its post at Changsha Orange Isle, a national 5A scenic spot. This cluster consists of 6 different types of sanitation robots, such as clean-keeping robots and cleaning and sweeping robots, which can be used for operations such as water spraying, garbage cleaning, garbage collection, garbage transfer and other work.
△ Cleaning and sweeping robot manufactured by Zoomlion-Enviro
In addition, based on Zoomlion-Enviro's advanced equipment manufacturing technology as well as its mature project operation experience, the intelligent environmental sanitation cloud brain ecosystem independently, developed by Zoomlion-Enviro, can realize all-round digital, networked, and intelligent management of environmental sanitation work, using technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and mobile interconnection. Its birth not only promotes the informatization and intelligence of environmental sanitation equipment and the efficient operation of environmental projects. The basic environmental sanitation management data based on statistical analysis will also enable the operation and management of future smart cities in China.
Beautiful country: improving rural environment
Improving the living environment in rural areas and building beautiful and livable villages is an important task in implementing the strategy of rural revitalization. It is also vital to building a well-off society in an all-round way, improving the living quality of farmers, and promoting the civilization and harmony of rural society. To this end, in February 2018, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the Three-Year Action Plan for Improving Rural Living Environment.
For a long time, there are many problems in China's rural living environment construction, including lack of planning for village construction, dirty, disorderly and poor environment, disorder in environmental governance plan. To solve these problems, Zoomlion-Enviro, taking different economic levels of various regions into consideration, determined seven tasks such as rural garbage governance, sewage treatment and village cleaning action, with the focus on rural domestic garbage governance and rural domestic sewage governance. It provides an overall plan for rural living environment by taking advantage of its leading position in the industry.
Customized treatment of rural household garbage
With its years of environmental management experience, Zoomlion-Enviro has explored into high-efficiency modes for rural domestic waste treatment and came up with targeted solutions. It divides rural living environment into five scenarios, namely scenic country, mountainous country, suburban country, water area country and hilly area country. On this basis and according to local conditions, a garbage collection and transportation mode and product portfolio themed on” beautiful country" was launched.
△ Customers watching the new range of environmental products
On the same day, a range of “beautiful country” products, totaling more than 50 products, were unveiled. These products were specially made for rural conditions. They are divided into 3 series, covering the whole process of domestic waste treatment, including garbage collection and transportation, road cleaning, toilet waste collection and transportation, etc. The products are highly reliable, cost effective, of high standard, and of high quality, and have other advantages such as anti-corrosion for 5 years, integration of the parts, development by top-grade technical team, direct sales and nationwide quality assurance.
Rural domestic sewage treatment
In view of the difficulties in the traditional rural domestic sewage treatment, such as difficult sewage collection, vast investment, unstable operation and substandard effluent, Zoomlion-Enviro, relying on its strong product design and equipment manufacturing capacity, has introduced a decentralized and centralized sewage treatment mode for single households, villages and market towns, reducing the pipe network investment by more than 50%. It also designed and developed integrated, modular, high-performance, flexible, economical and reliable sewage treatment equipment, which is suitable for sewage treatment in villages and towns with different treatment scales.

 Annual Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony
At the end of the event, 15 enterprises including KingBall Group, Yuhetian Environmental Development Group Co., Ltd. and SYS Group signed an annual strategic cooperation agreement with Zoomlion-Enviro on the spot, which is expected to further consolidate and give full play to their respective advantages in the industry and deepen their cooperation so as to improve the overall service level and comprehensive strength of the industry.
The successful holding of this event provides valuable guidance and practice experience for the future development of the industry, while the official release of the full range of services and products of Zoomlion-Enviro heralds that Infore Enviro has entered the new service era. Infore Enviro will take this event as a new opportunity, conform to the development trend of the industry, focus on strategic objectives, firmly keep its promise for a Cleaner world, Better future, fully promote the construction of national ecological civilization and serve the construction of a beautiful China.

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