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Focus of the Two Sessions | Zoomlion Environmental Helps Win the Blue-Sky Battle

Release date : 2019-03-11

The “blue-sky battle” was first proposed in the report on the work of the government at the Two Sessions [the National People's Congress (NPC), the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)] in 2017. Over the past two years, from the state to enterprises and individuals, everyone has become more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection. With the iron fist and heavy punch policies and measures, the environmental quality of various places has improved significantly. On the afternoon of  March 3, 2019, the government work report of the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress reiterated that the work on pollution prevention and control should focus on accomplishing key tasks such as winning the blue-sky battle, make overall plans and take measures to ensure the ecological environment quality.
  The whole nation has united together to win the blue-sky battle. As a leading sanitation equipment manufacturer from Hunan Province, Zoomlion Environmental has continuously provided green, intelligent power for the whole country for more than 20 years.
  As early as 2008, Zoomlion Environmental began to develop and manufacture 100% electrically powered sanitation vehicles. The first 100% electrically powered road sweeper developed by Zoomlion Environmental served the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a Green Olympics. Through ten years of product research and technological innovation, Zoomlion Environmental has formed the whole range of sanitation equipment clusters in the industry, covering product lines such as road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation, garden watering, spray and dust reduction.
The first 100% electrically powered road sweeper developed by Zoomlion Environmental served the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a Green Olympics.
Compared with traditional diesel-powered sanitation vehicles, 100% electrically powered sanitation vehicles can realize zero emissions and considerably reduce environmental pollution. The noise is small during driving and operation. Electric sanitation vehicles produce little noise during driving and operation and hardly affect residents nearby when cleaning the main roads in the city and collecting garbage in the residential community. In addition, powered purely by electricity, they have lower costs. The cost of electronic vehicles is less than 20% of that of diesel-powered vehicles; meanwhile, they require less maintenance work for traditional mechanical parts such as engines, transmissions and clutches. Although the purchase cost is higher, the overall use cost can be further reduced in this way.
In addition to the foregoing strengths such as environmental protection and low noise, the electric sanitation vehicles of Zoomlion Environmental boast a large-capacity, high-safety lithium-ion power battery and over 320 kilometers of constant-speed range. They can be charged in two ways, fast and slow. The fast charging way enables full charging in two hours. And the vehicle can work for five to six hours per charge.
Endurance is the key technical point of electric sanitation vehicles. It is said that the battery capacity of Zoomlion Environmental electric sanitation vehicles with the same tonnage is the largest in the industry. If the operating speed is 8~10km/h, the endurance of single-charge operation is expected to be about five hours in winter and reach 6 hours in summer.
The cleaning sweeper of Zoomlion Environmental is spraying water to reduce dust during operation.
Apart from green power, Zoomlion Environmental electric sanitation vehicles also focus on the purpose of environmental protection in product structure design. The sweeping brush of the sweeping car swiftly sprays water to reduce dust through the nozzle, which reduces the secondary dust pollution during the sweeping and cleaning process. In 2018, Zoomlion Environmental Full-Hydraulic Cleaning Sweeper was born. It replaced the traditional sweeping brush with a high-pressure full-hydraulic sweeping disk, completely avoiding the secondary dust pollution caused by the rotation of the plastic sweeping brush during operation.
The cleaning sweeper of Zoomlion Environmental
Originated in scientific research institutes, Zoomlion Environmental has a good innovation gene. It has been engaged in R&D and manufacturing of environmental sanitation equipment for more than 20 years. The market share of Zoomlion Environmental environmental sanitation products has ranked first in the industry for 19 consecutive years. According to incomplete statistics, Zoomlion Environmental has supplied more than 150,000 sanitation vehicles to the national market so far. These sanitation vehicles travel across more than 98% of the cities and counties in China to guarantee a clean and tidy urban environment, helping winning the blue-sky battle.

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