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Beautiful Brides and Bridegrooms! Luxurious Cars! Best Weddings!

Release date : 2018-12-27

  How does it feel to work in a dream place, and marry the one you love? On December 25th, Zoomlion Enviro, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Enviro, organized a green wedding ceremony for young employees with the theme of “Low Carbon Beautifies Love” to witness their happy moments.

  "From wedding photos, dresses to weddings, the company is fully in charge of the whole process, making it easy and comfortable, and with a sense of ceremony. This is definitely an unforgettable memory." Words failed them to express their happiness.

  In line with the theme of “Low Carbon Beautifies Love”, the wedding scene is full of nature. The “Million-yuan luxury cars” produced by Zoomlion Enviro are more attractive, including fully hydraulic washing vehicles, multi-functional dust suppression vehicles, sweeping and washing vehicles, wet sweepers, snow removal vehicles, snow blowers, etc. The seven categories of "wedding cars" is not only spectacular, but also expressing the wish to clear all obstacles and haze on the road to life for the new couples.

  To wed requires a lucky time. At 10:08, the wedding cars set off collectively. The welcoming team appeared before the public with the "environmental firecrackers" coming out of Zoomlion Enviro’s fog gun cars. The handsome guys took the bouquet and walked toward their beloved girls... Bridegrooms had to “overcome difficulties” all the way before they marry their brides in happiness.

  Chen Peiliang, CEO of Zoomlion Enviro, together with other leaders of the company attended the event as witnesses, and sent their customized high-end gifts to new couples to express their wishes.

  President Chen Peiliang, as the main officiate, reiterated the significant meaning of the first collective wedding of Zoomlion Enviro, that new couples welcomed their marriage brought joy and vigor to the company. He emphasized that Zoomlion Enviro will always be committed to fully releasing the creativity and potential of employees. Meanwhile, he hoped that all new couples will live their lives with whole hearts and create a better future with each other.\

  This collective wedding themed as " Low Carbon Beautifies Love " fully reflected the corporate mission of "Cleaner World Better Future", which illustrating its dedication to solve problems of the human beings’ living environment, when at the same time, not forgetting to care for the small family of employees by creating happier atmosphere and environment for them.

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