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Infore Enviro Officially Signed the Contract of the Urban-Rural Sanitation Integration Project in Yangbi County, Dali!

Release date : 2020-06-09

        On June 5, 2020, the urban-rural sanitation integration project in Yangbi County, Dali was officially contracted. This is the second sanitation services project implemented and operated by Infore Enviro in Yunnan Province recently. With the stable development in the Yunnan market, Infore Enviro further enhances its performance in sanitation services.
        Recognized as the home of walnuts for both China and the world, Yangbi County has a beautiful natural environment and abundant resources, and pays close attention to the coordination between ecology, economy and society and ecological sustainable development. The urban-rural sanitation integration project in Yangbi County aims to comprehensively optimize sanitation operations in machinery, intelligence and fine management. On one hand, it fully reflects the principles of innovative, coordinated, green, open and inclusive development pursued by Yangbi County People's Government and Yangbi County Party Committee. On the other hand, it shows local government leaders' focus on overall planning and determination to comprehensively improve the sanitation level of rural living environment and continuously enhance people's living environment.
        The urban-rural sanitation integration project in Yangbi County is worth 174.8 million yuan with a 16-year term of partnership. The sanitation services include road cleaning, domestic garbage collection in Yangbi's urban areas, transfer station construction in Sicangshanxi County and operation services and garbage transfer in four villages including Yangjiang, Shunbi and Pingpo.
        On the morning of June 5, Yangbi County People's Government and Infore Enviro jointly held the signing ceremony. Zuo Xuezheng, Mayor of Yangbi County, Shi Wenyan, Executive Vice-mayor of Yangbi County, Chang Shubiao, Vice-mayor of Yangbi County, other department leaders and Chen Peiliang, CEO of Zoomlion-Enviro, attended this event.
Chen Peiliang expressed his gratitude to government leaders' trust and support. According to his speech, Infore Enviro also attached great importance to this project, aiming to develop Dali into a key service area of Yunnan. Infore Enviro will provide the most professional sanitation operation services and the best operating equipment to customize an operation solution for the Yangbi Project, offer systematic solutions for the construction of a beautiful county and beautiful villages, and endeavor to develop the Yangbi Project into a demonstrative and pioneering project in the Yunnan sanitation area, making due contributions to the government's strategy deployment and beautiful Yangbi.
        According to Zuo Xuezheng, with the successful operation of this project, sanitation services, including domestic garbage collection and transfer, emergency support for sanitation and the smart sanitation system, will be provided in urban areas, rural areas, and villages within the jurisdiction of Yangbi County. In this way, the enhancement of the overall sanitation level and the overall image will contribute to the sustainable development of Yangbi's economy. In addition, we should work hard on the service assurance of project construction, and create a top-class environment and provide excellent services. Meanwhile, we should supervise and inspect the project to ensure its implementation and high-quality performance to generate a radiation effect.
        In recent years, Yangbi County firmly implements the strategies of “a dynamic county with dynamic tourism” and “a sound county in a sound ecological environment”, accelerates the development of agricultural eco-tourism and tourism infrastructure construction, and devotes to promoting the tourism transformation and upgrading. The economic and industrial transformation and upgrading as well as the continuous improvement of people's living standards lead to the increase of the requirements for the sanitation quality. Upholding the vision of “Cleaner World, Better Future”, Infore Enviro will help to promote the economic and industrial transformation and upgrading in Yangbi, achieve the major three goals, namely constructing “the backyard garden of Dali”, becoming a key area of “the quality tourism circle around Dali” and “a famous agricultural eco-tourism demonstration zone in China”, and accelerate the high-quality development of Yangbi.
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